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How Secure Is Your Online Business

How Secure Is Your Online Business
Hi guys welcome back to my blog . Today I am going to give a tech tips concerning on your online business. I know there are many , many E commerce sites , other web sites are available for which you can shop online . Different company has different needs there fore many E commerceowners implement security on online depends on their company needs . Here I would like to point out the general rule that one canimplementsecurity measures on their online business. Let’s have a look what are the steps one need to take to implement online security.

1.Training your Employees The people in your business are the heart of your company’s security. when it comes to security training , make sure it’s regular , targeted and comprehensive. Keep employees up to date on the latest company policies and guidance , as well as their own individual responsibilities .
Tailor training for each role , so employees learn about situations they’ll encounter in their specific jobs. …

Why self promotion is important?

Why self promotion is important?
Hi guys welcome back to my blog . Today I am going to discuss about self promotion . And How much value it has in our life. Just keep your head down , Don’t be arrogant , stop showing off , nobody likes braggerso what is self promotion.
Self promotion is educating relevant people about skills and value that you can bring to organization. In terms of recruiting you and knowing that you are the best person for the job. Self promotion is a process , you know looking at what it is you do every day, analyzing the skills you have , what you do, and using them further your self .
The search is emphatic, it’s absolutely essential, fundamental to succeeding in careers. Have you ever think why is self – promotion hard ?. One of the misconception around self – promotion is that it’s to brag .
so if you look up the word self promotion , the first thing that comes up is: The action of promoting or publicizing oneself or one’s actions especially in a forceful way. Uni…

Satvik , Rajsik And Tamasik Foods You Don’t Know

Satvik , Rajsik And Tamasik Foods You Don’t Know Hi guys welcome back to my blog . Today I am going to give a health tips , that is What category of foods one have to eat ? , what are the foods to eat ? , How to eat food ?. Normally we eat food to live but some peoples lives forfood , Some eat very heavily , some eat very little .
In this postI wrote what the Lord Krishna tells us about food. That is what to do before eat food , when not to food , what are the foods to eat .Before beginsI will tell a small story ok . Long , Long ago there liveda sage who is self realized and veryknowledgeableman.
who held sermon from village to village and had no his own ashram to live . He lives wherever the villagers admit him and ate foods what they gave . In real he lives like a beggar , but he is content and very compassionate . He always remember and chants mantra about gods.
Most of the villagers lives harmoniously on sage’s sermon , eventually their bad habits got changedto good one. most of th…
Is It Liability For Having Multiple Bank Accounts
Hi guys welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to give a financial tip that is how to manage multiple bank accounts. Before entering the subject I would like to tell an incident happened during my journey to Trivandrum in train. On the way to Trivandrum there is two middle aged man sat near by me .
And I came to hear their conversation , both are complaining bank’s service . Both are saying bank surcharge an amount for depositing , withdrawing as well as entering the ATM centre . More over even they surchargean amount for not maintaining minimum balance , it’s very painful.
From their conversation I got know that both having 4, 5Bank accounts. And both are thinking to shrinks this bank accounts tosingle bank account . In their conversation I interfere them and ask why do you open this much bank accounts?. They told they open this bank accounts for different needs. Then I ask then did you use Net banking ?.
Both said ‘yes’ in single vo…
All About Google Family Link App

Hi guys once again welcome back to my blog mean while I am little busy with on my work . Today I am going to introduce an app namely Googel Family Link. As great scientist Thomas alva Edison said once , “There is nothingeither good or bad in this world but our thought make so”. As per the above thought, it all depends on how we perceive or reacton certain facts, gossips,incidents , problems in our life .
For example how do you react this post it’s all depends on you . You may ignore this post, you may share it to others , you may take action on this. like this goes on but reaction to this post is in your hand. We use our smart phone for different purposes it may either good orbad , but again it’s all depends on user.
If we use our smart phone for good purpose then it will benefit us , else it may ruins our life . That is why I said there is nothing good or bad in this world but our thought make so . That is if we use our smart phone for good purpose onl…